Delusions of Grandeur Artists Spotlight: Plotz

Plotz are a Melbourne based four piece band who’s latest project is self described as being a combination of “pop, garage, psychedelia with rock to make a really nice audible smoothie”.

With Electric Guitar Leads, Tight Bass Grooves and Strong Drum Beats, Plotz are sure to have you grooving along to their set from the get go. 



They were recently a feature on ‘Strum a Note88.9 WYN FM’, and showcased their single ‘Love On The Bay’ from their upcoming EP, ‘All Up The Wall and Down The Street’.

Having only recently fallen into their current line-up, the band have since spent their time taking their ambling twang into venues around Melbourne, and having played a crazy gig only last weekend at Howler, the band is keen to be back again this Friday.


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Tickets are still available from Moshtix here.

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Gene Shill